Cherry Demir - Diamond Valley Artist

Cherry Demir, a Melbourne based artist specialises in oil paints to create work that reflects her love of nature and wildlife. Inspired by the luscious qualities of oil paints, her work explores the beauty of wildlife and nature in vivid, opulent colours. Constantly experimenting with colour Cherry’s work is guided by the ever-changing pigments of the oil paints, and her paintings become an evolving process of dynamic hues, attempting to capture the fragile and elegant stature of her subjects.

Cherry has recently published an art book titled: ‘An Artist’s Journey of The Endangered Species’. The book has all original artwork and explores a number of endangered species.

The book is available through The Eltham Bookshop and Readings and also online.

10% of each sale made is donated to the wonderful charity The Little Trunks Project. This organisation is dedicated to the protection and conservation of orphaned elephants and rhinoceros in Zambia due to illegal poaching practices.

Cherry has also donated 10% of sales to Animals Australia, an organisation dedicated to the protection of animals.

Cherry is embarking on a new project. This project will be focused on the history and function of women in the Ottoman Empire. 10% of proceeds of sales resulting from this series and art book will be donated to refugees and asylum seekers. Cherry is representing the Montmorency Asylum Seekers Support Group as part of her next series.

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